Vehicle inspection and inspection

Car Inspection for making your car life more comfortable

We focus on each customers’ car life, and want them feel reassured through the inspection.

Examples of Car Inspection Charge
Car Type A Light Vehicle
(with cubic capacity of 660 cc or less)
A Compact Car
(with cubic capacity of 1500 cc or less)
 Cleaning Engine and Checking its safety (for 2 years) 11,700 Yen 14,300 Yen
CALI (Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance)  23,670 Yen  27,840 Yen
 Weight Tax  6,600 Yen  21,600 Yen
 Stamp  1,100 Yen  1,100 Yen
 Agent Fee  5,400 Yen  5,400 Yen
 Comprehensive Inspection  5,832 Yen  5,832 Yen

※Reference Price above.


Car Type Small Trucks, Lorries
Cleaning Engine and Checking its safety (for 1 year) 18,000 Yen
 CALI (Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance)  17,270 Yen
 Weight Tax 16,200 Yen
 Stamp 1,100 Yen
 Agent Fee  5,400 Yen
 Comprehensive Inspection  5,832 Yen

※Reference Price above.


※When additional maintainance is necessary, We will make an estimate at first.
※Legal cost varies by car type and model year.

●Things to Prepare●

  1. Legal costs( Weight Tax, CALI, and Stamp fee)
  2. Automobile Inspection Certificate
  3. CALI Certificate
  4. Automobile Tax Certificate
  5. A Seal

※The Price above excludes Imported, Specially permitted, and business cars.
※Extra cost maybe needed in case of AWD and minivan.
※Please check your weight tax on your Automobile Certificate.
※Eco-car’s weight tax is different from other same weight cars.
※We cannot undertake Ilegally modified cars.