Concept of the company

Company Overview
Firm name Endo Jidosya Corporation
President Hiroaki Endo
Address 725-1 Kamiide Fujinomiyashi Shizuoka 418-0103
TEL 0544-54-1818
FAX 0544-54-0602
Founded year Oct. 1st. 2012
Capital Funds 5,000,000yen
Front desk members 3
Mechanics 4
Designated Factory approved on Oct. 1st 2012
Automobile repairs’
approved as No.9167 and No.5873
Member Organizations Shizuoka Automobile Repairing Organization
Shizuoka Automobile Repairing Union
Fujinomiya Chamber of Commece and Industry
Shizuoka Association of Small Business Executives
Jun. 1973 started automobile repair business as “Endo Jidosya Kogyosho”
started insurance business
Jul. 1982 built a new car showroom
Nov. 1988 built a new garage for heavy vehicles
Mar. 1996 got an official license of automobile inspection
Mar. 2002 built new garages for light vehicles
started paint and body work for cars
Oct. 2012 incorporated a firm and changed the name to “Endo Jidosya Co.”
Mar. 2013 brought in four wheels alighnment system
Sep. 2014 built a new office.